What i do...

"My main objective is to design kitchens able to fully satisfy the requirements of the chef, ensuring that every inch is used productively".

Tailored Solutions

Detailed studies are done for every project in order to optimise space and increase performance. Cooking blocks can be custom made to ensure kitchen needs are fully satisfied . Work surfaces can be unified to optimise cleaning and guarantee hygiene. Kitchen equipment can be installed on concrete bases which eases cleaning procedures and increases storage by 20%. These are just a few ideas which can be developed into a complete solution.

The Concept

The success of a kitchen is ensured by the combination of different components: high productivity, the optimisation of space and close control of costs. Each solution is studied in great detail to facilitate this.



Not only kitchens

My multi-disciplinary team can create uniquely customised solutions for the food and beverage industry. Designers can incorporate important elements such as wine cellars into functional furniture. Experienced chefs are able to offer start-up advice to restaurants, develop custom menus, offer staff training and aid in the selection of ingredients and wines.


Air Treatment

The quality of the working environment directly affects staff performance and so I pay a lot of attention to the air treatment in my kitchens. I consider it essential to replace extracted air with fresh, filtered and conditioned air. In addition to using balanced flow hoods, we are able to offer technically ventilated cielings.

Central Refridgeration Systems

Refridgerators require a huge space for installation and have substantial energy needs. Our research has led us to a solution. Together with our partners companies, we have developed a central refridgeration system which is compact and energy efficient. These units are equipped with inverter systems which deliver precise amounts of power where needed. This optimises energy usage and reduces the typical noise of conventional compressors. An integrated heat recovery system allows the production of large quantities of hot water (52°C) at no additional cost.

Energy Efficiency

The use of energy efficient technology for cooking equipment, refrigeration and air treatment equates to considerable energy savings, the elttronica of machines allows the use of system designed to optimize energy consumption, heat recovery both from the central elements of the cold intake air, let produce hot water at no cost, suitable for both domestic use and for heating rooms.