About Me

"I am Andrea Viacava. I use the latest technologies to design outstanding kitchens and interiors."

Andrea Viacava
Andrea Viacava

Kitchen Designer

My History

Kitchen design has never been just work for me. Born to a restaurant owner, I spent my childhood exploring the mysteries of the cooking process. Since that time many things have changed but my passion remains the same: my love of kitchens and kitchen design. It is my work, it is my life, it is my world. I would like to share my passion with you.


Fifteen years of experience in the kitchen has helped me achieve my goal, to design great kitchens. My work comes highly tailored and my main references are high level hotels and restaurants, many of which have earned Michelin stars. These include Grancaffè Quadri Resturant (Venice), Pier Bussetti al Castello di Govone Restaurant, Villa Fiordaliso Restaurant, Joia Restaurant, La Brinca Restaurant.